A one-day Collaborative event in st. paul, mn with Communitas Church Brainerd, Communitas North America, Creo Collective, Cultivate network, global church movements, and rewire

Crossroads Chapel (Pending) (map)
1362 Underwood Street
Falcon Heights, MN, 55108

When we think about missionary living our thoughts often drift to Kathmandu or Timbuktu. When we discover our identity in Christ, we realize the reality is that our mission field is the ground beneath our feet.

We need to develop a missionary mindset and vision so that we can see the places where we live, learn, work, and play as places where God has put us to live out our missional identities. We need to see our communities differently.

To think differently about our community, it is helpful to engage with the Holy Spirit in a way that helps us see that which is familiar with new eyes and from a new perspective.

During this one-day interactive learning experience, we hope to provide you with new tools that look at your neighborhood like a missionary would and allow time for the Holy Spirit to spark in your creativity, and how you positively engage the culture around you.

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