Trusting The Only One Who Can Help In Times Like These

Winter has arrived in central Indiana on a level people here haven’t experienced in twenty years.  The family and I enjoyed playing in the snow that kept falling through the day yesterday (nearly 12″ total).  Today we will hunker down in the house while the temperatures plummet to levels we haven’t seen since we left Minnesota (possibly -21 F by tomorrow morning).  As we experience the luxuries of a warm home on a frigid day, I can’t help but think of the friends for whom days like this are a matter of life and death.

Saturday I spent part of the afternoon with a friend visiting those living in the allies and in tent cities around downtown Indianapolis.  We brought extra blankets with us to give them something more to bundle up in during the coldest of days.  We talked with people and encouraged them to find shelter in one of the emergency shelters the city had set up.  In the end, though, we knew we would eventually return to our homes with no idea what would happen to them during these days.

Occasions like this are times when phrases like “all we can do is pray” hit home for me.  As much as I want to serve and help others, there are limits to what I am capable of doing.  This is when I have to place my friends in the hands of God and trust that He will watch over them.  Our resources are finite, but God’s resources are infinite.  So, as I go about my routine today, I will be in a constant mode of prayer for those who are in God’s hands today and hope for happy reunions and stories of survival when we are reunited on the other side of this weather event.



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