Atypical (and modern) Christmas Songs: Baby Boy

This is the continuation of a collection of posts I’m doing this year about some of my favorite “Christmas Songs” that most people may not think of when they think of  Christmas.  They’re not in any particular order and I’m not sure how many I’ll come up with, so I wouldn’t exactly call it a countdown.  Perhaps that will be a future year.  This one may be on this list due only to how new the song and the artist are.  Time will tell if song enters the realm of modern Christmas classics.

By far, my favorite new artist emerging on the Christian Music scene is For King & Country.  Everything I have heard from this brother duo up to this point has appealed to me in one way or another.  “Baby Boy” is no different.

Between their debut major-label project and their most recent release, For King and Country released a four-song / five track (includes both a studio and live version of “Baby Boy”) Christmas EP titled Into The Silent Night. Of the two traditional carols and two original songs, “Baby Boy” has received the most airplay on Christian radio stations.

The imagery of the official video tells a great story.  The entire EP revolves around an animated tale of a Confederate drummer caught in the middle of a fierce Civil War battle played out against the backdrop of a peaceful winter landscape.  In this video, our battle-weary drummer ascends a hill carrying a sword left by a fallen soldier.  After a time of at reflection at the top of the hill, the drummer descends the hill carrying a white flag he made from a sheet hanging on a nearby clothesline.  It’s a sign of surrender to the unexpect King that came down in the form of a baby boy.

In a time when the world seems very divided and we get battle-weary, we need songs like this to remind us that there is hope in the midst of the battle.








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