Learning To Talk Again: A Review of “How The Body Of Christ Talks.”

Like many, I am becoming weary of the tone of conversation in America today. It seems as if conversation is a lost art and we prefer to yell (or tweet in all caps) at each other more than talk with each other these days. It's easy to give up hope that conversation is even possible …

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Different Approaches to Changing a City

About a year ago, I attended a webinar with David Fitch and Geoff Holsclaw of Northern Seminary on the different approaches to changing a culture used by different segments of the church. David Fitch essentially defined the two approaches as Enlightenment Evangelical and Post-Enlightenment Anabaptist (or perhaps Neo-Anabaptist). As we enter a local government election …

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Follow-up Story On Fox 59

Circle City Village

Tanae Howard from Fox 59 did a follow-up story on our project last week. She did a great job of capturing our current situation and the need for community partners to work with us. It also gave people a perspective of what it is currently like for people who are moved from camp to camp while waiting for permanent supportive housing or rapid rehousing options to be made available to them.

Thankfully, we have since received 3 – 5 good contacts from people interested in working with us or having land they think would work for this project. Hopefully, some of these will work out to help us get past the point of finding a location for Circle City Village.

You can see the story by following this link: https://fox59.com/2018/10/10/plans-for-tiny-home-community-for-homeless-stalled-because-group-cant-find-welcoming-location/ .

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Circle City Village Status Update

Circle City Village

Square One Villages in Eugene, OR has put together a 10-step road-map for building a tiny house village that is illustrated in the image below. Some people think building “tiny houses for the homeless” is as simple as building a tiny house and moving someone in. It takes much more than that, though, to make a successful environment for someone to have a chance to transition from experiencing homelessness to a stable life in housing.


Many people have told us that steps 3 and 4 can be the most time-consuming steps in the process. Our experience has shown this to be true. Building political will goes beyond getting city politicians on-board. It really gets down to working through the neighborhood political landscape. People can be excited about the idea of a tiny house village for those transitioning out of homelessness until they consider the possibility of putting the village in…

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What Can A Tiny House Do?

Circle City Village

Post from one of our team members, T J Curtis.

What can a tiny house community do to help end homelessness?

When you’re first learning to ride a bike if you keep your eyes on where you are and not in front of you, you will often crash it’s only when you keep your eyes on where you’re going that you succeed. So what can a tiny house community do?

It provides a stable home; providing the security of belongings and the security of knowing where your gonna lay your head every night.

As our friends experiencing homelessness are out there in camps, sleeping on downtown streets, benches and pretty much wherever they can living life like this forces you to constantly keep your eyes on where you are. It robs you of any hope of where you’re going because it often changes nightly where you end up.

What a…

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