Changing Perspectives

Two days ago I was reading Revelation chapter 6. It’s a chapter that speaks of God’s wrath being poured out on a rebellious world.
There was a time when I would read a chapter like this with a very ethnocentric and nationalistic interpretation. I don’t know that it was racism as much as growing up in a time when we still lived under the delusion that the U.S.A. was God’s promise land.
I look at these things differently now. I see that we all must be careful not to be the ones who will end up under God’s wrath. Arrogance could make us drunk and oblivious to this possibility. We are like Belshazzar. We are consumed with our own pleasures while the warning of our fall is being written in plane view.






One response to “Changing Perspectives”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Yes, I think our country is much more vulnerable–more Babylonian-like than we would like to think. So how to we live in light of this. All I can think of is “If my people will humble themselves, seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then from heaven will I look and turn and heal their land.”


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