Lessons From a Mourning Dove

At our office recently, we have had an encounter with a mourning dove that can be a great lesson in persistence.

In mid-April, we noticed a mourning dove couple that was trying to build their nest on top the sign next out our door. Though we had nothing personal against this young couple trying to find a place to call home, we weren’t sure that it would be the best place for her to nest in light of the foot traffic we have come in and out of our office. Since the female had not laid her eggs yet, we tried everything we could think of to persuade them to build their nest elsewhere including blocking access to the ledge they were trying to occupy. After a few days we were sure the mourning dove problem was solved.

About a week later, I arrived at the office and looked at the sign we had been trying to keep bird free. To my surprise Mrs. Mourning Dove was sitting there again with no intent of leaving as she waits for her young to be hatched. It was as if our sign was the only spot she would settle on to build her home. She was determined and she won out in the end.

When I face challenges to reaching my goals I think of this mourning dove and I move on with determination. Jesus said to keep asking, keep knocking, and keep seeking. I will do this until, like the mourning dove, I’m able to say “I’ve built my nest and, try as you might, you will not move me.”






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