Two Sides of the Tracks

In our Diakonos Community Gathering this Thursday night we’ll be continuing the first segment of the Journey to Jesus process developed by Robert E Webber.  This week we’ll be looking at Jesus’ encounter with two different people in John chapters 3 and 4.

As I prepare for this discussion, I can’t help but notice how these two people stood on opposite ends of the social spectrum of their day.  One was an elder member of the religious in-crowd of his day, yet he saw in Jesus something that he never found in all his years of religious quest.  The other was a women with a checkered history and part of a culture that had been marginalized.  She found herself constantly thirsting for something to fill her deeper longing.

Two people from opposite sides of the tacks.  Each had his/her own set of obstacles to overcome if they were to find life in Christ.  Yet Jesus met them at their own level and shared life with them in a way that each could understand.

I like this about Jesus.  He cared for people no matter what their background.  He met them where they were at.  It’s a trait I hope is growing in my life.

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