Thoughts on the Future

It’s been ten years since I wrote this and it seems more relevant than ever. The “three small children” are now in middle school and high school. They recognize what the world they were born into is like. Thankfully, they have a good perspective on it and desire to make positive changes as much as they are able to.

As I was at a prayer meeting at one of the churches near here tonight I spent some time reflecting on the future for our society. The prayer guide that we were using started with a time of prayer for our leaders, both political and spiritual.

I’m not typically a doom and gloom prophetic type of person, but I could not help but think that we may be on the brink of a catastrophe in our culture. I’ve often had this feeling that we are overdue for a collapse. It’s not just the easy to identify sins of sexual immorality, drugs, abortion, and violence that lead me to this conclusion. We’ve also created an environment of self-centeredness, greed, and materialism. These are much more subtle traps and someday we will have to give an account as a people for what we have done with our many blessings.

This is a…

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